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Large digitally printed scarves exploring colour and geometric patterns extracted from my jewellery pieces and colour studies. Printed luxurious, sustainable wool based fabric in Scotland, and designed and hand frayed back in Yorkshire.
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Hand cut, flocked and embroidered earrings, with geometric influences. Base materials currently cork, recycled leather and brass.
Collections are continually developing, stay updated by following me on Instagram

Hand cut, flocked, woven and embroidered statement necklaces. Base materials are currently recycled leather and cork. A recent collection includes the introduction of hand cut and manipulated brass to explore the contrast of materials.
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An exploration of colour studies & geometric pattern through canvas work embroidery and hand weaving. These playful studies are fundamental to my work as they allow me to examine how different colours react when placed together so I can translate the combinations successfully in my jewellery and scarf designs.
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This is my newest collection of work exploring the possibilities of natural materials. Influenced by the cork making process, and fuelled by a desire to make interesting base materials for embroidery,
Materials explored include plaster, cork, bio-resin, flock, wood ash, damar, pine resin.

Collections are continually developing, stay updated by following me on Instagram

Jewelry Care

My jewellery items use a variety of materials that have all been applied and treated so that they are
long lasting. However, certain things will help your jewellery remain in the best possible condition!
When not wearing your jewellery, store it in a box away from direct sunlight and/or damp
conditions. Avoid wearing your jewellery being in contact with aerosols, cosmetics, perfumes, sun
creams and water. Humid conditions can accelerate the oxidisation process of metal, and can warp
leather and wood based materials.
Leather elements: Due to the nature of using scraps of leather, some areas may have blemished or
marks that naturally occur. If you mark your leather, most often than not you can wipe with a damp
cloth, but if the leather is more porous and soft, try dabbing gently to avoid rubbing away any
Cork/linoleum/rubber/reclaimed plastic elements: These materials are generally very hard wearing,
but if dinted may struggle to return to its original flat state. Scratches in rubber are often very
difficult to remove so avoid contact with sharp items.
Plaster/bio resin/tree resin elements: I have encased each section with a natural wax product for
extra protection, but care needs to be taken to avoid chipping and scratching. The tree resin tends to
be very brittle and strong, but if dropped onto a hard surface it could still crack.

Flocked sections: Areas of jewellery that are flocked will need to be stored so that that area is not
touching anything other than a soft surface (such as the foam inside your packaging). Whilst it is
hard wearing, it’s best to avoid it rubbing too much on a contrasting material in case that removes
any fibres.
Brass sections: Brass is a very hard wearing metal but will still scratch if in contact with a sharp/rough item. Brass,
like most metals, has a tendency to tarnish over time. This natural change can actually be very
beautiful as the colour deepens and I do urge you to embrace this beauty and character as your
piece evolves.

I have sealed each section with a wax that will protect the metal, but you may wish to clean your
piece eventually. You can remove tarnish with a polishing cloth, or a light sand with a light emery
paper. If your brass is encasing another material, please take care to protect this section if you
choose to sand it, either with masking tape or a plastic film.
If your piece has brass with a black patina, please be aware that very gradually this will naturally fade
over time and you may see the original colour of the brass coming through in areas. Direct contact
with perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and aerosols may accelerate the development of oxidisation on
gold tone brass jewellery and wear away black patinas much faster.
Visible and concealed steel connections have been reinforced with a strong epoxy based glue and
shouldn’t ever budge. However, if they do, try fixing with a glue such as instacure or araldite and
leave for 24 hours. Whilst it is extremely rare for my items to break I am happy to be contacted to
advise if this happens with your piece.


I am a constructed textile designer based in Yorkshire. I was educated at Loughborough University
and Glasgow School of Art and have been designing and creating textiles for both fashion and
interiors for over ten years, yet only creating my accessories since 2017. Fabric designs have been previously exhibited in the UK and internationally and sold to clients
such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, H&M, and Calvin Klein. I prefer to retain a playful quality to my work;
exploring material and surface contrasts and I really enjoy experimenting with new combinations to
create intricate and tactile textiles. Over the past two years, I have used my textiles skills to develop
a range of jewellery and scarves that explore colour, form and using more sustainable products. My
work has become increasingly anchored by colour interaction- I am obsessed by how colours relate
to one another and I use each item that I make to explore different combinations. My scarf designs
are a way for me to extract the patterns found in my jewellery, but to see how they respond to
larger scales and movement.

Since exhibiting at C.L.A.S.S AT Milan Fashion Week back in 2008, I became very conscious of the
increase in ‘fast fashion’ and began working with a range of materials, such as Tyvek, scrap cotton
and recycled plastics. I aim to make work that is the opposite of fast, immediate fashion; instead
choosing sustainable, quality and often scrap materials to work with and also making pieces that will
last a lifetime opposed to heading to landfill after a few years. I currently work predominantly with
scrap leather, but I am now developing a collection using cork, brass and flock to investigate the
limits of these materials also.

Along with my designing, I am a passionate believer in Arts Education, and have been teaching
textiles at degree level since 2010 as well as teaching a variety of creative textile based workshops
across Yorkshire.

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Faye is currently working on a permanent online shop, but for now items are bought through stockists, instagram or made bespoke through a consultation process. Please contact for further enquiries.

Collections are continually developing, stay updated by following me on Instagram
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